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A couture green Retro handbag with chartreuse Chandelle feathers and a green acrylic handle.

Lining: Hot pink satin rayon
Handle: Lime green acrylic seed beads with gold-tone hardware
Size: The Petite: 10” x 15”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Vibrant Angel of Heaven - MARY Petite Handbag

SKU: RP1011
  • The Angel of Your Chartreuse Bag has come to say, there is no other color in God’s scheme of colors that is more vibrant than this chartreuse color. I promise you, if you carry my Amgel Bag, made of this color, which is also my own angel color, I will take you into places that you have never traveled before but now will be bold enough to go. You will be chartreuse too! You will not only be vibrant, you will be bold. So please understand that my name is The Vibrant Angel of Heaven and when you carry my Angel Bag I am bringing vibrancy to You!

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