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When I turned 40 I began to contemplate the more profound questions about my existence and true purpose in life. One night, as I sat in my office on Ocean Drive looking at a magnificent golden moon rising on the horizon of the dark Atlantic Ocean, I called out loud  to the emptiness surrounding me, from a deep place in my soul, "God, why am I really here?!" 

I have learnt over many years that all one needs to do is ask, and answers will be revealed. Since that soul seeking night decades ago, I have had many experiences that one might call mystical or psychic.


I have come to know with certainty that I do believe in God –The All Knowing - Divine Intelligence – Creator of the Universe - The Supreme Being, so many names we use to describe this Loving presence.  And I believe in, and have experienced, Angels, Illuminated Beings and Spirits of all kinds. 

Irene Marie Angel Bags

In 2010 I received inspiration from an Angel I describe as my Guide or Guardian Angel, his spirit - yes his energy is masculine - seems to move with me day and night and I think he learns and grows wiser through his travels with me as I do with him. He told me I should carry a handbag of red. His inspiration, and my creative eye, lead me to create a red feathered bag to honor his suggestion- an Angel Bag.


As I started to carry my Angel Bag people would stop me all the time and comment on the beauty and uniqueness of the bag – and asked where they could get one. I decided to make more of my Angel Bags, right here in my hometown of Miami, Florida. I soon began to experience almost daily, a feeling of being pushed forward by a powerful mysterious force. Images would come across my mind – different colors, different shapes, different feathers, it was like a storm of information and pictures that were being  sent to me along with beautiful sweet messages. And so began IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAGS. 

IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAGS are one-of-a-kind, unique creations- no two bags are the same and once purchased will never be duplicated.
Each Angel Bag includes a unique card with an Angel message describing the bag's energetic qualities.


IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAGS are hand-made in Miami, Florida with the utmost attention to detail and quality, using a combination of feathers and semi-precious stones.  Among the most unique bags available today, IRENE MARIE ANGE BAGS are a modern combination of style, whimsy and glamour- they are unique pieces of Fashion Art.  Their Angel energy simultaneously compliments and enhances the user's own.


Angel Bags are made of a variety of feathers including chandelle, marabou, coque, hackle, peacock, ostrich, schlappen, pheasant and goose.  Handles are made of semi-precious stone such as opal, agate, turquoise, carnelian and jade  making these one-of-a-kind creations true body jewelry. 

Each bag is inspired by Angels and is an homage to my children and dear friends who have gifted me with their invaluable insights and love.

In a sophisticated color palette designed to enhance the energy of the wearer, each IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAG comes with a personalized note describing the energetic qualities of the bag. These messages are channeled to Irene by Angels from the World of Color.

IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAGS received the 2015 Miami Award in the Women's Handbags category by the Miami Award Program.

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