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A couture red and black Precious handbag with red Ostrich feathers and black Chandelle feathers.


Lining: Black leopard cotton lining

Handle: Large black metal chain link handle

Size: Medio: 13” x 18”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

The Heart Angel - MARY Medio Handbag

SKU: FM1134
  • As You carry my ANGEL BAG OF THE HEART You will feel yourself lifted to Your Highest True Potential. A great Physical Energy, Raw Power, Courage and Passion for Life and Love will surround you. See through the Eyes of your Heart, You will Love with each Beat of Your Heart, and the Deep Passion you carry inside of you will spread to those you pass along your way. Make no mistake, when you carry My Red Heart Bag, wherever you go, someone’s Heart will skip a beat just for You!

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