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A couture black  Precious patent leather handbag with emerald green Peacock-eye feathers and a crystal handle.

Lining: Green satin rayon
Handle: Black 10 x 10 mm hexagon crystal beads and 10 x 5 mm emerald green tear drop crystals
Detail: Round 10 mm faceted jade accent beads applied on black patent leather.

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

The Exotic Angel - MARY Petite Leather Handbag

SKU: 1089
  • As you carry my beautiful Peacock - Eye Feather Angel  Bag, I want you to know that I am the Angel of all that is exotic, and I believe the world needs to be intoxicated with exotic beauty and brilliance. When you carry my handbag you are carrying a bag that creates an exotic view for those that pass you by, and that allows you to understand that ‘Exotic’ is a measure that is needed in this world - not in large amounts, but in beautiful, measured, exotic ways, because it is the EXOTIC that people are startled by and that takes their breath away. This is an exotic handbag handed to You from exotic me!

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