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A couture champagne nacre Fashion patent leather handbag with camel and brown tip Chandelle feathers and a golden large acrylic beaded handle on fabric.  

Lining: Champagne raw silk rayon
Handle: Golden acrylic faced spheres on fabric handle with silk cord
Size: The Super: 16”x 25”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

The Earth Angel - MARY Super Leather Handbag

SKU: SFL1001
  • I am the Earth Angel holding out this unique handbag to you. My camel color with tips of brown holds you firmly; tight and secure so that all earthly matters are easy and seamless for you. Camel and  Brown, the magnificent colors of your precious earth. When you carry my Angel Bag you will be as wondrous and beautiful as the earth that God has created just for You!

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