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A couture yellow suede-fabric Precious handbag with yellow and brown Schlappen feathers and  a tiger-eye Agate handle.

Lining: Brown python snake satin rayon lining.
Handle: Tiger-eye 20mm x 20mm Agate and yellow 20mm x 12mm Jade and gold pave rhinestone spheres.
Size: The Medio: 13” x 18”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

The Daffodil Angel - MARY Medio Handbag

SKU: PM1084
  • I am the Angel of the color of the beautiful daffodil, a yellow that is brilliant yet soft and sweet like a new bloom in a meadow field. When you carry my Daffodil Angel Bag, like the first promise of spring, you will know with all your heart that wondrous possibilities are opening for you. Carry my Daffodil Angel Bag and let me walk with you and bring those possibilities you dream of to You.

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