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A couture yellow leather Precious handbag with canary yellow Chandelle feathers. 

Lining: Orange, olive and gold Hindi pattern on cotton silk rayon
Handle: Hand-painted Italian Murano glass with four strands of tear-drop beads.
Detail: Gold-tone hardware
Size: The Grande: 14”x 2

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of The Sunburst - MARY Grande Leather Hangbag

SKU: GPL1124
  • I am the Angel of the color of the Sun’s Beautiful rays. I am a bright yellow shade that shines deep and is electrifying too. My Angel Feathers carry that Sunburst hue and so will you. Carry me always with you, as the world can then view my sunburst hue and the beauty of You. 

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