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A couture purple suede Precious handbag with purple iridescent Schlappen feathers and an amethyst and crystal handle.

Lining: Purple rayon taffeta
Handle: Purple 20mm dyed dog-teeth amethyst with brown crystal seed beads
Size: The Super: 16”x 25””

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of the Royal Purple Realm - TONI Super Crescent Leather Bag

SKU: SPL2010
  • As You carry my PURPLE ANGEL Bag you will feel the royalty of the highest heavenly angelic realm where I reside. The energy of this royal realm will sooth and ease all of your stress and emotional exhaustion. Carry my Angel Bag as you would wear a cloak of royalty and allow yourself to feel regal as You truly are.

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