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A couture grey suede-fabric Precious handbag with black-nacre french-cut Chandelle feathers with a hematite beaded handle.

Lining: Black raw silk
Handle: Smoke Grey 15mm faceted hematite beads and 12mm silver pave rhinestone spheres.
Size: The Petite: 10” x 15”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of the Night Sky - MARY Petite Handbag

SKU: PP1033
  • Your Angel of the Night has come to say that as you carry my beautiful Angel Bag of the color black, you will be surprised to feel the energy of my color lifting you like a thunderbolt into other realities and dimensions. I will help give you insight into your own emotions and show you how the power of the nighttime sky can be a catalyst of change for You.

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