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A couture taupe patent leather Precious bag with natural black iridescent Schlappen feathers. 

Lining: Brown silk rayon animal print
Handle: White Turquoise 16mm beads and brown 14mm Aventurine beads
Detail: Gold-tone hardware. Black 6" to 8" feathers with green iridescent highlights.
Size: The Grande: 14”x 23”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of The Forest - MARY Grande Leather Handbag

SKU: GPL1104
  • I am the Angel of the World’s Great Forest. Did you know that all the secrets of the world are kept in the forest? So, in owning and carrying this exquisite Feathered Bag you are going to be privileged to the great secrets of the forest world. A mystery for you as great secrets are revealed from this handbag to you. Keep an open mind when you carry My Angel of the Forest Bag to all that is in store for You.

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