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A couture black Precious handbag with emerald green french-cut Chandelle feathers and Swarovski crystal feather tips and a black Crystal handle.

Lining: Green silk rayon lining
Handle: Black 15mm x 15mm crystals beads
Size: The Grande: 14”x 23”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of Temptation - MARY Grande Handbag

SKU: PG1036
  • I am the Angel Eve and I am tempting you to carry my Angel Bag of Temptation. When you are met by life or fate and must choose what is truly meant to be for you… for your Life…carry my Angel Bag with faith in mind. Grab on to my angel wing, it will be a charm for you and help you to decide what is the Truth for You!

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