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A couture black suede-fabric Fashion clutch with red and black tip Schlappen feathers.

Lining: Red-pink-beige leopard print cotton
Handle: Metal spring closure
Detail: Red silk cording

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of Protection - CARO Petite Clutch

SKU: PF5031
  • As you carry my ANGEL BAG OF PROTECTION you will see what is magnificent about this purse is that it is as splendid as a Red Robin, who also has black feather tips too. So this beautiful Angel Bag represents all of God’s wondrous birds and the angel that protects them in every way is giving you this Red Robin Bag with black tips to remind You to always fly and be the magnificent bird that you were meant to be. Never cower in a corner and say: “I’m not as beautiful as the rest.” Understand that every bird in God’s sky is magnificent, just like You, and the great angel of protecting all God’s birds is walking with you. I am the Angel of Protection for all God’s birds, heavenly and human too.

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