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A couture grey Precious handbag with grey Chandelle feathers with crystal handles.


Lining: Black and grey snakeskin satin rayon lining

Handle: 14mm black labradorite beads and gun metal crystal handles

Size: The Medio: 13” x 18”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of Perfection - MARY Medio Handbag

SKU: MP1117
  • Carry this handbag of Dove Grey and you will find perfection in Each and Every Day. There is nothing more Perfect than the color of Dove Grey. When you think of dressing for Elegance & Perfection & Smartness, you will always take your eye to the color of Grey. More business goes to the Mademoiselle or Gentleman who chooses to wear Dove Grey. You will have much more Business in your life when you carry your Dove Grey Angel Bag. It is my way of saying: You are carrying Perfection today.

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