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A couture black suede-fabric Precious handbag with white and black french cut Chandelle feathers and a white Jade beaded handle.

Lining: Black and white leopard print satin rayon .
Handle: White 41mm x 30 mm large faceted Jade and 14 mm silver-tone pave rhinestone spheres.
Size: The Grande: 14”x 23”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of Elegance - MARY Grande Handbag

SKU: PG1050
  • I am the Angel of Elegance. There is nothing more beautiful than this handbag that I am showing you. You have to be quite chic to wear black and white together, and if you want to make an elegant entrance, these two colors are what you choose. My Black & White Angel Handbag brings great elegance to you. It is something to see, a beautiful women with a black and white bag. You will find it to be true, if you want to be elegant, buy my bag and carry it with you, and as you walk through the door, people will say: What an elegant woman and an elegant bag too!

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