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A couture Precious handbag with caramel brown Chandelle feathers and caramel aventurine beaded handles


Lining: Brown and beige leopard cotton rayon

Handle: 14mm Aventurine beads with rose gold rhinestone spheres

Size: The Grande: 14”x 23”

Handcrafted with Love and Light in Miami, Florida.

Angel of Belief - MARY Grande Handbag

SKU: GP1132
  • I am the Angel of Belief. If You carry my Handbag and Believe, and have the Faith of a Beautiful Mustard Seed, everything You touch will come True! There is no Mystery here, as you shall know and recognize, that your Beautiful Angels Love Great Beauty, so to them, and to Me, Your Great Feathery Bag is Beautiful in Every way, just as You.

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