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I am the founder of Miami Beach-based Irene Marie Models; one of the most successful and long-lived modeling agencies in America. I have dedicated my life to discovering, developing and managing the careers of thousands of models, actors and celebrities.


Since 1980 I worked tirelessly to attract and build relationships with clients from around the world; bringing them to the golden light of South Beach for fashion, advertising, TV and film productions. I am also the designer of
Irene Marie Angel Bags- feathered handbags with a unique spiritual connection. In 2007, I was honored to receive the key to the City of Miami Beach and proclaimed
The Grande Dame of Modeling for my life's work.


Throughout my 40-year entrepreneurial journey, and while managing a thriving family of seven, I have also quietly searched for spiritual growth. In 1998 I began a quest which led me around the globe participating in the building of seven sacred healing circles, energy anchors, that shed light on how ancient cultures balanced the psycho-social and spiritual aspects of their lives. This work led to co-founding the not-for-profit The Foundation of Heaven and co-authoring The Book of Heaven for a Brand New Day and The Sweet Life

If you have ever asked yourself the questions, "Why are we here?" or "Are we alone in the universe?" I invite you to join me on this new journey of discovery as God, Illuminated Beings and the Voice of Light in the Center of the Universe share their amazing messages of love, hope and sweetness with us. Listen to how my experience unfolded with The Sweet Life book on The Joyful Hour and Night-Light podcasts.





If South Beach had a walk of fame, Irene Marie's star would be front and center. A Miami Beach native, Irene is regarded as a fashion icon in South Florida and the worldwide talent industry. Irene is credited with spearheading the evolution of the Vice City into the art, fashion and entertainment destination it is today.


Irene began her career in the 1970's in Paris and Beirut as a fashion model, television host and fashion columnist. In 1975 Irene returned to her hometown of Miami and was quickly approached by Louise Despointes, owner of City Models Paris, who was looking to expand into South Florida. In 1980 Louise and Irene partnered to open City Models Florida in Ft. Lauderdale. By 1988 Irene's keen eye for discovering talent led to the agency outgrowing its location, and her partner. Irene moved the agency, now known as Irene Marie Models, to its iconic home at 728 Ocean Drive.


Following the move to her new oceanfront office, Irene diligently worked with state and local officials to develop positive growth and revitalization in the South Beach area. She sat on prominent local boards including the Florida Motion Picture & TV Association, the Ocean Drive Association, the Miami Beach Development Corporation and the Miami-Dade County Film & Print Advisory Board. Irene's work paid off, and the influx of entertainment related production in the area led to South Beach being recognized as a key locale and dubbed the "third fashion capital of the world."


Over three decades Irene was a mentor and a mother to thousands of models, including Niki Taylor, Cindy Taylor and David Fumero, in addition to her own five children. In 2006, Irene partnered with MTV to launch the hit reality TV show, 8th & Ocean.


Irene has frequently served as a special correspondent and modeling industry expert for print and television networks including CNN, E! and MTV. In 1997 Irene became a founding mentor of the Women of Tomorrow mentor and scholarship program.


Throughout the years, Irene has achieved many accolades in her industry, including the 2005 Women in International Trade (WIT) Award for outstanding achievement in promoting South Florida as a center for international business and trade. In 2007 the City of Miami Beach recognized Irene by presenting her with the key to the city.


In 2009, after 25 years of service to her community and industry, the Grande Dame of Modeling retired from the modeling world and now focuses her time on being a mom, mentoring students, inspiring new entrepreneurs and consulting with industry professionals. She also launched IRENE MARIE ANGEL BAGS- a unique handbag line inspired by her guardian Angel and eye for beauty.


The Film Recording and Entertainment Council presented Irene with the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. Irene's legacy remains ever-present in the City of Miami Beach and the fashion community at large.



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Irene Marie in her Agency
Britt Bradford for Gianni Versace
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